*1993 Paul Kolling
Wassertorstr. 65
10969 Berlin

web (at) paulkolling.com

Press-kit with exhibition views:
https://server.terra0.org/s/GsaDaHmX4M3KP6j (as solo artist)
https://server.terra0.org/s/NjECkNpZ9qkNdmz (with terra0)

As of
A short CV can be accessed here: paulkolliing.com/cv-short

Paul Kolling is an artist based in Berlin, and a founding member of terra0. His solo practice examines the social and spatial politics of infrastructure. In his work, Kolling conjures new perspectives and ways of reading the visual field, cultivating questions about the very nature of mediated perception. Often fusing analog and digital technologies, he works across film, video, installation, and sculpture to explore how particular perspectives and realms of possibility are foregrounded or obscured through the functioning of complex infrastructure. What is made visible via the ways of seeing afforded by new — or old — technology? What imaginaries are made real through depictions of the world? These considerations touch on both natural and man-made environments, emphasizing the ways in which perception, recording, and classification are sites where the struggle of power and agency can unfold.

Kolling's work have been presented at the 58th Carnegie International, the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, Canadian Centre for Architecture Montreal, The Shed New York City, Kunstverein Hamburg, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Weltmuseum Wien, Kunsthalle Zürich, Francisco Carolinum Linz, Chronus Art Center Shanghai, Furtherfield Gallery London, and Schinkel Pavillon Berlin among others.


2021 – 2022 BPA// Berlin program for artists
2018 – 2020 Master of Fine Arts, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (with Simon Denny)
2019 SIMA at China Academy of Art Hangzhou, Zhejiang (with 姚大钧 – Yao Dajuin)
2013 – 2017 Bachelor of Arts, Berlin University of the Arts (with Joachim Sauter and Jussi Ängeslevä)

Prizes and awards

2022 ars viva prize 2023 of the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft
2020 Encouraging New Talent Award (one-year scholarship), HFBK Hamburg
2019 Art School Alliance Scholarship, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. and Karl H. Ditze Stiftung


2020 – 2022 Teaching position 'Künstlerische Werkstattleitung Mechatronik', Berlin University of the Arts
2018 – ongoing Co-founder of terra0 collective, Berlin
2018 Research associate, Design Research Lab, Berlin University of the Arts (with Gesche Joost)

Current/upcoming events

18.05 – 05.11.2024 Survival in the 21st Century (group show)
Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Solo exhibitions & installations

27.01 – 22.04.2024 Nadir
Kunstverein München
28.10.2022 – 05.03.2023 Westwärts
Kunsthalle Memmingen
25.09.2022 – A tree; a corporation; a person (public sculpture)
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
21.09 – 05.11.2022 Strukturversagen
Galerie 14a
01.08.2020 – permanent WB190621 (permanent installation)
The Palace and Maritime Silk Road Museum, Fujian
27.06 – 19.07.2020 Break of Gauge
Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof
31.05 – 01.09.2018 Flowertokens
Trust, Berlin

Group exhibitions

16.12.2023 – 08.04.2024 Cryptomania. Promises of the Blockchain
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
01.07 – 30.09.2023 Schöne Neue Arbeitswelt
Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof
06.05 – 10.07.2023 Holy. Energy. Masters. ars viva 2023
Haus der Kunst München
01.04 – 07.08.2023 The Educational Web
Kunstverein Hamburg
18.03 – 28.05.2023 The Accursed Share
Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
03.12.2022 – 15.01.2023 BPA// Exhibition 2022
KW Institute for Contemporary Art
21.10.2022 – 31.03.2023 How is Life?
Toto Gallery・MA
08.10.2022 – 15.01.2023 DYOR
Kunsthalle Zürich
24.09.2022 – 02.04.2023 58th Carnegie International
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
22.09.2022 – 28.02.2023 Beijing Art and Technology Biennale (BATB)
CAFA Art Museum (Beijing)
16.09 – 02.11.2022 ars viva 2023
Goethe Institut Paris
14.09 – 29.10.2022 Soft Machines
Hua International (Berlin)
27.08 – 28.08.2022 Spoiler Alert
BPA// Raum
13.07 – 31.07.2022 Unfished Camp@Pivô
Pivô, São Paulo, Brasil
03.06 – 17.07.2022 Seeing Stones and Spaces Beyond the Valley
Biennale Warszawa 2022
09.03 – 13.03.2022 Seed Capital #1 curated by Fingerprints DAO
Art Dubai 2022
03.12.2021 – 03.05.2022 Staub & Seide. Steppen- und Seidenstraße
Weltmuseum Wien
10.11 – 10.12.2021 The Ethereal Aether. An Exhibition of Digital Art
The State Hermitage Museum
02.11.2021 – 24.04.2022 A Section of Now
Canadian Centre for Architecture
24.09 – 26.09.2021 Unfinished Camp
The Shed NYC and HEK Basel
04.09 – 14.11.2021 Proof of Stake
Kunstverein Hamburg
10.06 – 15.09.2021 Proof of Art
Francisco Carolinum Linz
03.06 – 10.06.2021 Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale
Sotheby's New York, Hong Kong and London
03.06 – 10.06.2021 Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale
Sotheby's Decentraland
22.05 – 21.11.2021 2038, German pavilion
17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
01.04 – 01.06.2021 SynchroniCities
B-Part, Berlin
12.02.2021 – permanent Klasse Denny Group Show 2021
11.12.2020 – 20.02.2021 Mein Vater, meine Nachbarn, meine Freunde, und deren Freunde
haubrok foundation FAHRBEREITSCHAFT
05.12.2020 – 07.11.2021 Steppen & Seidenstraßen
MARKK Hamburg
19.09 – 20.09.2020 Graduate Show 2020
HFBK Hamburg
27.06 – 25.09.2020 加密_流形 (crypto_manifold)
Chronus Art Center (新时线媒体艺术中心), Shanghai
29.02 – 06.09.2020 Survival of the Fittest
Kunstpalais Erlangen
28.11.2019 – 02.02.2020 Goodbye Cruel World, It's Over
Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf
10.10 – 18.10.2019 25th International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA)

Maribor, Slovenia
18.06 – 22.06.2019 Open Studios
Art School Alliance Studios, Hamburg
18.06 – 20.06.2019 Sovereign Nature Exhibition
Kraftwerk, Berlin
14.06 – 07.07.2019 Blocumenta

Artspace, Sydney
28.05 – 31.12.2019 VIENNA BIENNALE
MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst, Wien
27.05 – 31.05.2019 Romantic Limits

Galerie der HFBK Hamburg
11.04 – 16.06.2019 Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust

Bureau Europa, Maastricht
21.03 – 22.04.2019 ME YOU NOU – Créons un terrain d’entente

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne
03.02 – 25.02.2019 Befriending Hyperobjects

NAVEL, Los Angeles
24.11.2018 – 03.03.2019 Forest. Enter. Exist.
MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen

Kate Vass Galerie, Zürich
07.09 – 20.12.2018 Proof of Work
Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
05.09 – 10.09.2018 Crypto-economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts

Ars Electronica, Linz
22.08.2018 Crypto-economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts

Festival Alpbach
25.07 – 29.07.2018 Gray Area Festival

San Francisco
07.06 – 11.06.2018 Exhibition #11: Dark Habitats Dark Ecology

Spektrum, Berlin
19.05 – 25.06.2018 New World Order

Furtherfield Gallery, London
15.02 – 09.03.2018 New World Order

Drugo More, Rijeka
11.01 – 09.02.2018 New World Order

Aksioma, Ljubljana
08.11 – 09.11.2017 PROOF-OF-BURN: Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust.
Future of Demonstration Festival, Wien
10.05 – 14.05.2017 Fiber Festival 2017
03.05 – 04.05.2016 State of DESIGN
designtransfer:, Berlin
02.02 – 02.02.2016 Vorspiel
Transmediale 2016, Berlin

Talks & workshops

28.03.2024 jour fixe
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
27.01.2024 Künstlergespräch mit Paul Kolling
Kunstverein München
15.12.2022 Refractions: terra0 & Sohrab Mohebbi
Carnegie Museum of Art
25.06.2022 An Introduction to Autonomous Ecological Agents
Biennale Warszawa 2022
29.03.2022 Artist talk with Paul Kolling and Maria-Katharina Lang about 'Staub & Seide. Steppen- und Seidenstraße'
Weltmuseum Wien
03.12.2020 Artist talk
Class of Angela Bulloch, HFBK Hamburg
19.09.2020 Break of Gauge presentation
Conditions of a Necessity at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
19.01.2020 Break of Gauge: Research trip presentation
Floating Projects, Hong Kong
19.06.2018 NFTs and the blockchain collectible paradigm
CrCC at BlueYard, Berlin
27.05.2018 Deodands, AI DAOS and Natural System Users

BigchainDB Meetup at BlueYard, Berlin
14.05.2018 Natural resources take control

Pre-Work-Talk, IXDS, Berlin
27.04.2018 Money: Matters of Life

Moneylab #5, State University New York, Buffalo NY
26.04.2018 Extrapolate Nature – (Nonhuman) Governance for Ecosystems

Moneylab #5, State University New York, Buffalo NY
16.02.2018 Art & Blockchain

Drugo more, Rijeka
30.01.2018 Headless organisation and nonhuman governance
TRUST space, Berlin
24.09 – 26.09.2017 The Autonomous Forest: How nature can govern

Impact Startup Fest, Den Haag
19.06.2017 Diagrams of Friction #2: observing algorithms
super filme, Berlin
05.06.2017 extrapolate everything - Design für eine post-humane Welt

Medien/Zukünfte, TU Braunschweig
15.02.2017 Creating Speculative Scenario's

Apart festival K3 and Arkadi Zaides, Hamburg
03.02.2017 Becoming Earth: Engineering Symbiotic Futures
Transmediale 2017, Berlin

Publications & texts

15.07.2022 terra0: Letting the world computer grow roots, branches and leaves (chapter)
Radical Friends – Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts
13.07.2021 WB190621 (ZHENGZHOU–HAMBURG) (chapter contribution)
Cartographies of the Imagination
01.07.2021 'Violence of inexorable movement' in 'SPATIAL [RÆUMLICH]'
12.06.2021 The development of terra0: Experiments with autonomous ecosystems
Weird Economies, Bahar Noorizadeh
05.06.2021 'terra0' chapter contribution
140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Kostas Stasinopoulos
26.05.2021 Two Degrees NFT: A conceptual and technical writeup of terra0’s contribution for Sotheby’s Nativey Digital: A Curated NFT Sale
20.03.2021 'It's 2038', terra0 essay in '2038 — The New Serenity'
German Pavillon at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, Sorry Press
19.11.2020 Unrealised project: LNA 2013 (video game)
Catalogue 4.5 edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist
01.06.2019 Photographs in ‘CONTACT
AVST Magazine
01.06.2017 Me­di­at­ing Mat­ter. Eine Ökolo­gie der Gestal­tung
Geschichte und Theorie visueller Kulturen
12.03.2017 'terra0 – Can an Augmented Forest Own and Utilize Itself?’ chapter contribution
‘Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain’ by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Sam Skinner and Nathan Jones, Liverpool University Press
01.06.2016 ‘nothing human makes it out of the near future...’ terra0 Advertisement in ‘Narcissism’
Issue #5, Ecocore magazine
01.02.2016 terra0 White Paper v1

Press & features

01.04.2024 Eye in the Sky: Aerial politics with Henrietta Williams and Paul Kolling
14.03.2024 Paul Kolling at Kunstverein München e.V. / Munich
Daily Lazy
07.03.2024 Paul Kolling at Kunstverein München
Contemporary Art Library
06.03.2024 Nadir
05.03.2024 Was läuft in der Kunst?
Süddeutsche Zeitung
29.02.2024 Paul Kolling, Nadir: Die Vermessung der Welt von oben
26.02.2024 Paul Kolling “Nadir” at Kunstverein München
Mousse Magazine
16.02.2024 Paul Kolling's ‘Nadir’ Unlocks a Bird's Eye View
02.02.2024 Im Zenit — Paul Kolling im Kunstverein München
23.02.2023 Simon Denny & terra0 in conversation
Outland Magazine
12.01.2023 A tree is one of the most important works in the Carnegie International
NEXT Pittsburgh
11.01.2023 Out on a limb: Carnegie International project seeks legal personhood for a tree
12.12.2022 terra0’s Self-Owning Forests
26.10.2022 Paul Kolling at 14a / Hamburg
Daily Lazy
23.09.2022 This tree owns itself—and is fighting for its own survival
Fast Company
23.09.2022 The Carnegie International takes on the era of US superpower
The Art Newspaper
20.09.2022 Paul Kolling: Strukturversagen
Arts of the Working Class
25.05.2022 Everything You Need to Know About NFTs
GQ Magazine
19.05.2022 Proof of What?三檔區塊鏈主題展覽在歐洲
03.05.2022 Kunst-Auszeichnung des BDI: Ars-Viva-Preis 2023 verliehen
25.04.2022 VCA Curatorial Picks – Week 25th April, 2022
VerticalCrypto Art
06.04.2022 Francesco Garutti speaks with Paul Kolling and Paul Seidler about the new notion of ownership in relation to nature, and especially the forest
Canadian Centre for Architecture
01.04.2022 Forest Governmentality and the Struggle for More-Than-Human Sovereignty by Daniel Jacobs & Brittany Utting
The Avery Review
12.03.2022 Art Dubai mit neuer Sektion für digitale Kunst
10.03.2022 Insider look at Carnegie Museum of Art’s prestigious 58th Carnegie International
NEXT Pittsburgh
18.02.2022 What Are Nfts Anyway?
Right Click Safe
03.12.2021 Jahresgaben 2021 Kunstverein Hamburg: Nord, Ost, Süd und West
Kunstverein Hamburg
15.10.2021 The Green Room Exhibition
V.O Curations London
09.10.2021 Bettina Steinbrügge on New Forms of Coexistence
The New Institute
01.09.2021 SCHLOSSMUSEUM LINZ PROOF OF ART – A short history of NFTs, from the beginning of digital art to the metaverse
Distanz Verlag
21.06.2021 Episode 28 - Two Degrees by Terra0, NFTs Are 4 Ever Podcast
10.06.2021 Plant(e)tecture: Towards a Multispecies Media Architecture Framework for amplifying Plant Agencies
QUT Design Lab, Queensland
07.06.2021 terra0, enabling the forest to become an autonomous economic agent
CLOT Magazine
31.05.2021 気温上昇により自動焼却されるNFT「Two Degrees」、サザビーズにて出品 by 呉心怡
あたらしい経済 / neweconomy
30.05.2021 苏富比拍卖NFT“Two Degrees”,将在全球气温升高2°C后自行销毁
30.05.2021 Ce NFT s’autodétruit si les températures globales augmentent de 2 ° C
29.05.2021 This NFT Self-Destructs If Global Temperatures Rise 2°C, Ekin Genç
29.05.2021 Этот Nft Самоуничтожится, Если Глобальная Температура Поднимется На 2° C
26.05.2021 从即将上拍苏富比的28件NFT艺术品中,我们看到了加密艺术的过去、现在与未来
Zhuanlan Zhihu
26.05.2021 從即將上拍蘇富比的28件NFT藝術品中,我們看到了加密藝術的過去、現在與未來
25.05.2021 2038.xyz: terra0, A model for nature to regulate and govern itself
Google Arts & Culture
20.05.2021 Two Degrees (2021) by terra0 in Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale
04.04.2021 Hinter Scheiben, Die Kunst ist da - wir dürfen sie aber nicht besuchen
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
28.01.2021 Paul Kolling, Break of Gauge
14.01.2021 Zug und Trug: Über Paul Kollings Filminstallation Break of Gauge, Raphael Dillhof
Springering, Heft 4/2020
15.12.2020 Jahresgaben edition 'Clouds over WB190621 No. 1-21'
Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof
08.12.2020 HFBK Graduate Show 2020: Künstlerische Abschlussarbeiten von Leyla Yenirce und Paul Kolling
HFBK Hamburg
10.11.2020 Decision Trees, Jason Rhys Parry
Real Life Magazine
01.11.2020 Goodbye Cruel World, It’s Over Erdlings Geschichten, Janine Blöß, Hörner/Antlfinger
Verlag der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
21.09.2020 Pressemitteilung: Stipendium zur Förderung des künstlerisch-wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses
HFBK Hamburg
20.09.2020 Encouraging New Talent Award
HFBK Hamburg
17.07.2020 Paul Kolling at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof
Contemporary Art Daily
16.07.2020 Digitalisierte Reflexionen Zum Klimawandel, Roland Schöny
PARNASS Kunstmagazin
14.07.2020 Salvare la natura: la tecnologia aiuta?, Niccolò Lucarelli
11.07.2020 Ein gerader Schnitt durch die Welt, Radek Krolczyk
taz am Wochenende
01.07.2020 terra0 workwear jacket edition
27.06.2020 Paul Kolling - Break of Gauge
07.06.2020 Agency in the Age of Decentralization James Bridle in conversation with Michaela Friedberg and Olaf Grawert
ARCH+ The Property Issue: Politics of Space and Data
16.03.2020 Survival of the fittest. Nature and high-tech in contemporary art
we make money not art
11.03.2020 Salvare la natura: la tecnologia aiuta?
05.03.2020 "Survival of the Fittest" Ausstellung in Erlangen: Gespräch mit dem Künstler Paul Kolling
kulturLeben BR
01.01.2020 The Datafication of Forests? — From the Wood Wide Web to the Internet of Trees
chapter by Jonathan Gray in Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel
01.10.2019 Rise of Blockchain Companies with Hidden Owners – A Horizon Scan of Emerging Global Biological Conservation Issues for 2020
Cell Press Review
28.09.2019 Handlungsmacht im Zeitalter der Dezentralisierung
ARCH+ 236: Posthumane Architektur
01.06.2019 Terra0: Giving DAO agency to natural resource
P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival, P2P:Foundation, M. Bauwens, A. Pazaitis
10.04.2019 terra0 – Autonomy of Ecosystems
REALTY-V by T. Zolghadr, C. Roth, Space Time TV
14.03.2019 legislating architecture: architecting after politics’
A. Brandlhuber, C. Roth, aut. architektur und tirol
01.01.2019 An Essay on the German Forest: In the Open with terra0
En plein air – Ethnographies of the Digital’ by P. Karambeigi, A. Ostertag, T. Rossol, P. Schwarzer, L. Stolz, Spector Books
01.01.2019 Decentralised Autonomous Organisations nd the Corporate Form
Nathan Tse
15.11.2018 Proof of Work, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
11.10.2018 Art and AI: Can AI ever be the Artist? by Devika Thapar
07.10.2018 In der Kryptowelt, Philipp Hindahl
06.10.2018 Terraforming via the digital twin of everything’
Comrade Animal, The habitat beyond anthropocentrism - Parasite 2.0
17.08.2018 Ethereum’s Walled Garden: Flower Tokens and Terra0
01.07.2018 ‘Innovationstreiber Blockchain’ in ‘Bitcoin und Blockchain – Vom Scheitern einer Ideologie und dem Erfolg einer revolutionären Technik’ by P. Rosenberg
Springer-Verlag GmbH
18.06.2018 Digitalisierte Natur: Ein Wald, der sich selbst abholzt - und verkauft
Süddeutsche Zeitung
11.05.2018 What Blockchain Means for Contemporary Art, Michael Eby
01.05.2018 Jahrespublikation
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel
01.05.2018 Informality In Times Of Blockchain, Volume #52: The End of Informality
Volume Magazine, May
15.03.2018 Agenda Setter’
Communication Director
26.02.2018 Unlimited Editions
Real Life Magazine, February 26
30.01.2018 Blockchain. La prospettiva degli artisti
20.01.2018 BitchCoin and terra0: Tokenization as an Art Form
MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype
11.01.2018 Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Is Coming: Here's What You Need To Know
31.12.2017 Art and Finance Report 2017
26.11.2017 Why Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It
30.10.2017 The Possibility Of A Forest: Unsound 2017
The Quietus
29.09.2017 To be Frank’ 3/2017
WIRED Germany (now GQ)
05.08.2017 How Science Revolutionises Democracy Work and Nature Using Blockchain
re:pulica 17
26.07.2017 An Essay on the German Forest by Tabea Rossol & Pujan Karambeigi, translated by Pierre Schwarzer
29.09.2016 The Self-Owning Augmented Forest
Institute of Network Cultures
03.09.2016 terra0: art project, self-owned forest